Stella’s Slides – Instagram

Dorfstrasse, Grindelwald, Switzerland. 1958.

Following on from my previous post about digitising the slide collection of my late aunt, Stella, I have decided to create an Instagram account to help me share the photos.

I do have a couple of other Instagram accounts but I’ve never been a big user of the platform. I guess that is about to change and I’m sure I’ll soon learn my way around it much better than I currently do.

My plan is to post a photo from Stella’s slide collection each day. I’ve already digitised enough to keep me going for about three years. There will be some photos of close family I will likely not share, although I’m perfectly happy to post “embarrassing” photos of myself, as long as there aren’t other family members in frame.

The idea was sort of “stolen” after I posted a link to my original post on a Twitter thread about somebody recovering thousands of slides from a tip in Lerwick, Shetland. I got some nice replies to my post but I spotted somebody suggesting this idea to Chris Cope, the author of the original post.

Twitter thread I spotted and replied to.

I’ve only started today so there is a grand total of one image posted so far but the collection will quickly grow. I’ve started out with the photo used at the top of this post of Dorfstrasse the “main street” in Grindelwald, Switzerland from 1958.

I will likely choose photos at random as I go so it’s going to be rather eclectic.